The Seasons

The first early wildflowers appear during the last week of February. While it is possible to see a snow storm in March it is rare. In most years spring is well under way by mid March. Daytime temperatures are usually in the mid 50's and 60's. February and March are the perfect time of year to fish for trophy brown trout.

By the middle of April trees are well on their way to being green. The canoeing scene about was made on April 16. The water was warm enough to swim in, and this family wore bathing suits during the entire float trip. However, April is about the most fickle time of year. We'll have a week of warm bathing suit weather followed by a week of cold, raw, windy cloudy days. It is really hit and miss. Yet we still have several fishermen who come every April as this is when lake fishing really picks up. We also have several guests who come to enjoy the spring dogwood and redbud blooms, to watch birds, and just plain relax.

The best way to plan a spring trip is on short notice if you can. Watch the weather. When it looks good for a few days, make a mad dash trip. Chances are good you'll have a beautiful spring break.

May is the most beautiful month of the year. It is not too hot, the humidity is low, and the fishing is excellent. Trees are fully leafed out by no later than May 5, which is early summer. At this time of year everything is a refreshing deep green. The weather is about perfect. The lake is still too cold for all except the most hearty souls. May is the best time of year for hiking and canoeing.

The true tourism season begins on Memorial Day. The water is warm enough for swimming. The first two weeks of June normally are still cool and clear. Daytime temperatures will normally be in the mid 70's to mid 80's. Fishing remains very good.

July and August are the hot, humid months. Most days will be in the mid 80's to low 90's. Our guests spend the day in the water swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, etc. For most people it is too warm to go hiking, but guests still take day trips, shop, dine, and visit attractions. Because children and college students are heading back to school, the main tourism season is over by mid August.

The last weeks of August and into September the lake water temp is warm so you will want to adapt your fishing technique and fish deeper. The stripers school together this time of year and go very deep where striper and walleye fishing is good and they are caught consistently.

By mid September the weather is cooling down. This is the time of year we see empty nester couples come for some quiet time. The lake water has cooled and fishing has picked up again. Our guests fish, site see, and relax. They rent a pontoon and cruise the lake for a day. They take day trips, and sight-see in the area. The first two weeks in October are similar to May weather. Our fall foliage season begins in mid October and runs into the first 10 days of November. Peak foliage occurs in the last few days of October, and the first few days of November. Fall is a great time for hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, day trips, and site-seeing.

Winters in our area are mild. Snow that stays on the ground for more than a week is rare. Daytime temperatures tend to be well above freezing and warm enough for hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.