If Bringing Your Own Boat
There is a hard-surfaced public launch 3.5 miles away by land, and 1.5 miles away by water. Moor your boat in our private, covered, lit dock. One boat stall is included with your cabin rental. We do not offer fuel services or repair services of any kind, but you can get fuel and service at the marina. Be sure to ask for availability on the dates you want a dock stall! If you are a fisherman, we recommend bringing your own boat as it is very difficult to rent one on the lake.

We'll Help Arrange Your Boat Rentals Through Tracy Ferry Marina
Tracy has clean, well maintained ski, deck, and pontoon rental boats. Tracy Ferry Marina is a full service marina with a public boat launch 3.5 miles by road, and 1.5 miles by water from Fish & Fiddle Resort. You can moor your rental boat in one of our dock stalls for free. Extra stalls are available for a fee. Be sure to ask for availability on the dates you want a dock stall! After years as resort owners we've discovered our guests prefer the advantages of renting boats from the local marina. This is because the marina has more rental boat styles to choose from, and they have more trained personnel to deal with any problems. And we have more time to help our guests have the best possible vacation.

About Our Dock
A road at the resort runs down to the dock and two parking lots. The dock is a newer model metal structure with wood decks. All stalls are wide enough for any size trailerable boat. Each stall has a 110vac electrical receptacle for battery charging. The dock interior, as well as the external walkway and parking lots, are well lit. The 12' x 24' swim deck is also well lit. We have a complete 8' stainless steel fish cleaning station with running water on our dock and freezer facilities for preserving your catch. There are two large illuminated parking lots at the dock. The 1st boat stall is free with cabin rental for boats only. It does not matter which boat stall you receive. They are all large!

Smooth Surface Waters
Consistently smooth water is what makes Norfork Lake a favorite destination for water skiers, wakeboarders, and tubers. Even on windy days you'll find smooth water in the coves.

Clean Clear Water
Norfork has very clean water. It is also quite clear in most locations. You can normally see at least 20 feet down with the water being clear enough to count the rocks on bottom. If waves hit a muddy shoreline the water in that area will not be as clear as it will be along the rocky shorelines.

Boat To A Unique Beach
Sand Island is a white sand beach accessible only by boat as there are no roads or bridges to it. It is about a 10 minute run by water from Fish and Fiddle. For many years Sand Island has been a favorite spot with many of our guests, especially the families. Water ski, swim, picnic, and relax on Sand Island if you want something truly unique on Norfork Lake. Along the shores of Sand Island your children can experience the simple wonder of feeding wild fish by hand. This little girl had no trouble "petting" these trusting baby bluegill as she offered them handouts. Out of a school of several hundred she also caught many by hand, and after a close inspection, turned them loose.

Many of our guests rent a boat for numerous activities on the lake. One of the most favorite activities is exploring Lake Norfork's 500 miles of shoreline, most of which is not developed. The shoreline is entirely owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which is public property. You can go ashore and explore without trespassing.