Area Attractions

Fishing both the Lake and Rivers. When staying here at Fish and Fiddle you will find you can enjoy our Lake and also enjoy the Rivers. We are only 9 miles from the rivers which gives you the best of both worlds. Most people enjoy the Lake but can break it up with a day or 2 on the rivers. Being one of the closest resorts to the rivers, you have the option of doing both. Norfork Lake is know for its Lunker Stripers and other fish but the rivers are also known for plenty of trout along with record breaking trout from there. If you want to venture out to the Buffalo you can do a great canoe trip and also fish for small mouth. Its hard to beat the variety we have with our Lakes and Rivers.

Sight-Seeing & Day Trips
There are several scenic drives, area attractions, restaurants, movies, and other day-trip activities within a 10 to 60 minute drive from Fish & Fiddle. We are about 100 miles from Branson, 50 minutes from Blanchard Springs Caverns and the Ozark Folk Center. The Norfork Trout Hatchery and trout fishing on the White and North Fork rivers is less than 15 minutes away. The City of Mountain Home, Arkansas is 15 minutes away. There you can play golf at two different 18 hole courses, shopping at the various craft and antique shops, dine at several restaurants offering several cuisine's including Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and American.

Blanchard Springs Caverns
A trip to the Ozarks just would not be complete without a walk through a cave or two. For a small fee you can see one of the most spectacular caverns in North America, Blanchard Springs Caverns. Blanchard is owned and operated by the U.S. Forest Service. There's a great little bookstore and gift shop loaded with things Ozark, a great outdoor park which makes one of the best places in the Ozarks for a picnic, and three cave tours. The Dripstone and Discovery tours of the caverns are easy guided strolls through impressive formations, pools, and karst geology. The Wild Cave Tour is a true caving experience. Recommended only for the physically fit, the Wild Cave Tour lets you get down on your belly as you crawl through some small spaces. If you want the Wild Side of the cave, this is the tour for you!

Above Ground At Blanchard Springs Caverns
Blanchard Springs has much more than its cave. Paved roads lead you through one of the most interesting areas of the Ozarks. You'll see one of the largest stone face bluffs in the entire Ozarks, Mirror Lake, the shell of an old grist mill, and two pretty Ozark streams. You can fish in Mirror Lake, picnic in one of several picnic spots, and there is a swimming beach complete with bathrooms.

Ozark Folk Center
Owned and operated by the Arkansas State Department of Parks and Tourism, the Ozark Folk Center is a well run attraction featuring some old-time Ozark skills, crafts, storytellers, and food preservation artists, See how the Ozark Pioneers overcame astounding survival conditions and how they entertained themselves. Watch blacksmiths, pottery artists, weavers, candle makers, broom makers, and other crafters make their wares as you watch. They answer questions and show you the steps it took to survive in the early 1800 Ozark Mountains. The Ozark Pioneers were some of the most remarkable, and most misunderstood, settlers in historical America.

Historical Buildings
Both the Wolf Settlement and Rapps Barren village are free. Both are only 15 minutes from Fish and Fiddle. The Wolf Settlement was built in 1829 and was both home to the Major Jacob Wolf family and county courthouse. Major Wolf was the Indian agent appointed to this area in 1809 by President Thomas Jefferson. Many of the most famous names from the early 1800's set foot in this house. Davy Crockett, Wild Bill Hickock, Sam Houston, and many others came to trade, rest, and discuss the news with the Wolf family. Rapps Barren village at Cooper Park in Mountain Home has cabins from a slightly later period.